[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1Rxp8gUC_c?version=3]Recently there has been a resurgence in the film industry for menswear and frankly we're happy to see it.  If you haven't heard there are two Italian documentaries--O'Mast and Men of The Cloth in final production investigating the intricacies and unfortunate demise of old-world tailoring.  We've spoken to one of these film producers and will post an interview in the near future.  While we can't wait for these to be completed we wanted to focus on a documentary a bit closer to home.Close Ties: Tying on a New Tradition provides an intimate look at a rites of passage ceremony that connects teenage boys with male role models. The ceremony at this New Orleans barbershop was created by Dr. Andre Perry and Wilbert “Chill” Wilson as a way to strengthen communities struggling with crime, poverty and alarming high school drop out rates. Cultural traditions have been the cornerstone of African American communities for centuries. Close Ties examines the impact of this new tradition and shows us how tying a necktie --- an act associated with men who embody professionalism and prestige --- can inspire high school boys to commit to a life of achievement and success.

Close Ties has collaborated with a local bow tie manufacturer from Baltimore, MD and our new friends Knot by TIFFA.  The originality behind their silk ties is a link to music and dance in each bow tie.  They're also running a Father's day promotion with 20% off your purchase and free shipping so get yours while you can.  We have been actively promoting this feature and may even be making our big screen debut.  Stay tuned.

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