Ask anyone with the slightest interest or knowledge about fashion, which gender the industry caters to the most and they will undoubtedly say "women".  They would be right until recently.  The venerable Hermes and Coach brands have been synonymous with elegance, class, and sophistication for years.  They are also known for catering to the fairer sex.  Granted, Hermes does offer quality menswear options in the form of ties, suits, and accessories, but the focus of their marketing is aimed at women.  On the other hand Coach has always been about attracting the female buyer with their extensive selection of handbags, purses, and wallets while leaving men out in the cold. No more.  Both of these fine clothiers are now targeting men specifically.  Hermes has opened its first exclusive men's shop in NYC and Coach is set to open their first menswear boutique in May.  This is a big deal for men.  This shows that the big name brands aware of the fact aht men enjoy clothes just as much as women and they realize they're missing out on an enormously wealthy, style motivated, and fashion focused genre.  Gone are the days when men would roll out of bed and toss on a t-shirt and jeans.  The modern man puts time and effort into his wardrobe.  Even after the financial meltdown, there are men with disposable income to expand their wardrobe, and now they have the chance.  It will be interesting to see how many other brands follow "suit" in the future.  Pun intended.

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