Blank Label is a men’s shirt design company that puts customers in charge of designing their own dress shirts. Gone are the days when you need to make a ridiculously high salary and have a butler to get shirts that fit you perfectly. You don’t need to set an appointment to visit a tailor and then try to contain your sticker shock when you get the bill.

Instead, from the privacy of your own computer, in about 10 minutes or less, you can control every facet of your own, individual, stitched-to-order dress shirt. DIY, or Co-Created fashion is a great way to put your own individual spin on the clothes you wear. BL doesn’t decide what their customers should be wearing. Instead, their website design tool and iPad shirt design app with real time visualization of the shirt-in-progress gives each customer the freedom to be their own designer and make each shirt your very own. Whether you have a hard to fit collar, prefer longer than average sleeves, or have problems finding shirts that fit both your shoulders and waist, Blank Label provides the ability to get the customized fit you need.

With several patterns ranging from Gingham, plaid, oxford, stripes, or somewhere in the middle-BL has you covered. First pick your collar, cuff and placket style. Jazz things up with French Cuffs or a spread collar. Finally, choose a collar or placket label to say whatever you want the world to know. After your design is set, get as specific as you’d like with your collar, cuff, sleeve and other measurements…and get a shirt that was made to fit you.

We've partnered with BL for a custom shirt giveaway. Choose your preferrred shirt here. Banker, Prepster, or Hipster.  Enter your email and you’re automatically entered to win. Winners will be announced Satuday, January 29th.

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