We introduced Benson & Clegg not long ago during their visit to DC at Sterling & Burke.  We had the pleasure of working with Mr. Tony Martin and Mr. Ken Austin in creating a made-to-measure country style Norfolk jacket ironically from their "City Wardrobe" collection in a lovely midweight Kildary Oldaney tweed supplied by our friends at  Hunter's Tweed.

Tony is adept at ensuring the proper fit and styling for his clients.   The Norfolk jacket is somewhat of a special piece that our friend Raphael of The Gentlemen's Gazette has written in-depth in his Norfolk Jacket Guide.  Our piece will be a two button, triple patch packet, with a half belt, bi swing back, slightly padded shoulder, working three button cuffs, side vented, fully lined.  This will certainly be an English garment through and through.  Mr. Martin called out measurements while his associate Mr. Austin recorded them by hand.  Adjustments were made to the fitting jacket since this garment is made to measure and not full bespoke which requires a full paper pattern cut specifically for the wearer.

Notes were made for hollow back, right arm longer than left, one shoulder lower than other etc.  The process was more streamlined since the fabric was already supplied which cuts the time down considerably when one does not have to sift through hundreds of fabric swatches.  The fabric was left in the trusted hands of Tony and Ken.  We will have the first try on in June upon Benson & Clegg's next visit to DC.  Benson & Clegg's made to measure options start at £795.00 (inc VAT) approximately $1230USD.  Take a look at the process and contact Tony Martin to set your appointment for a  Benson & Clegg fitting during their DC summer visit.  Follow Benson & Clegg on Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.