Facial hair has been a man's right of passage for centuries. From the time we are boys we watch our fathers and grandfather's shave and yearn for the day when we have our first peach fuzz show on our upper lip. Then we mature and our facial hair becomes a chore like any other with shaving and upkeep. For some men facial hair is more of a burden than a blessing with razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and other skin irritations. Today we won't discuss the mechanics of the proper shave, but instead the social perceptions of a man's facial hair. How does society react to beards, long or short? What do women think about that stubble on your chin or your five o'clock shadow? How does facial hair determine your career opportunities?

According to research men with beards are seen as more trustworthy, competent and approachable than men who are clean shaven. This may seem ironic since men have been shaving their faces since biblical times. However, many women find a man with facial hair more attractive, more mature, and more capable of being a good father than clean shaven men.

Now we don't mean to say that if you have a beard to your belly button that women will swoon and men will bow at your feet. No, we mean that having neatly kept and trimmed facial hair adds a certain level of masculinity to your look. Wear a beard.

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