We're proud to announce we'll be taking our relationship with our good friends at Primer Magazine to the next level.  IG has joined Primer as the new Style Editor.  You're already accustomed to our Style Q&A;'s and now you'll have even more chances to soak up the style and fashion advice you crave.  We've already started in our new role with an informative piece on Fall boot choices.  Look for it to post this week.  We've got plenty more coming in the future.  Here's a sneak peek.
  • Look Better Instantly: Dark Jeans
    • Recommendations for cheap, good looking jeans. Overview of the Levis 500 series fits, and where to find jeans for $30 on sale
    • Why dark jeans are better than light jeans
    • How a good fitting pair of jeans should look, fit, and feel
  • The Recommendation: The V-Neck t-shirt
    • How to wear a proper undershirt to give a streamlined, layered appearance without looking like you're a cast member of Saved by the Bell
  • Oxford cloth shirts
    • The benefits of wearing Oxford cloth shirts, and why it isn't necessary to spend a fortune on them.
      • Casual vs dressy
      • To go wrinkle-free or not to go wrinkle-free
      • Quality selections under $40
  • The Standard Uniform
    •  "The Standard Uniform." How to look good and feel good in an Oxford shirt and chinos

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