A man just entering the world of bespoke clothing most assuredly follows the path of a custom shirt, then a custom suit, then more custom shirts and more custom suits.  Like we've discussed before it is unfortunate circumstance that most men neglect their footwear.  To the average man custom made shoes may be an extravagance, but in the bespoke world it is the foundation for the well-dressed man.  We recently visited the bespoke shoemaker George Cleverley in DuPont Circle at the Fairfax at Embassy Row.  We were pleasantly greeted by Mr. Dominic Casey shoemaker and world traveler for Cleverley's.  Elegantly decked out in a navy peaked lapel suit with patterned braces, black cap toes and a mustache that can only be properly worn on man come from across the pond.

George Cleverley's Co. Ltd

Several models were on display including ready to wear and bespoke samples of loafers, boots, lace ups, brogues, wovens, crocodile and deer skins in all colors and fashions.  Narrow, wide and in between.  As this is only one of two visits a year to DC, Mr. Casey was certainly busy with clients.  A new client was measured and fitted for a new order.  A second customer dropped by to have have his shoes recut and then it was my turn to get fitted.

I own custom made shirts and suits, but I have yet to ascend to the sartorial (and financial) level of custom footwear.  This was certainly an exciting experience for me.  Mr. Casey had his personal measuring book and tools from which he creates the last (mold of the foot on which the leather is built on) for each individual client.  I stood in his book in my socks as we traced an outline of my foot.  After seeing my tracing I see I have rather flat feet, but not to worry since this is bespoke and any foot can be accommodated.  Dominic took several other measurements including my heel, toe joints, and foot waist.  Measurements were taken standing and sitting with a pen, measuring tape and wooden size stick.  Each foot measurement is completed with a clients contact information and kept on record, well...forever.

The Last Room
Mr. Casey was a consummate professional who knows his craft inside and out.  He has worked for other handmade shoe makers such as John Lobb and represents the bespoke footwear industry well.  I look forward to meeting with him again in the Spring.  The experience was first rate in terms of customer service and selection.  When I'm able to afford a pair of my own, I'll know who to call.

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