Reader Question -  Not sure if this happens with men's clothing (or if you'd know the answer if it's only for women's clothes) but why are the pockets sewn shut when you first buy business clothes?  Great question.  First of all we have no idea if women's pockets come sewn shut or not, but apparently they do since you're asking.  There are several different types of pockets on and in a man's jacket.

Flap Pocket - These are the most commonly seen pockets and named for the over hanging flap.  Can be worn in any and all professional and casual environments.  Good for men who want beef up their frame.  To be avoided by larger men who want to slim their frame.

Besom and/or Jetted Pocket - Either term is acceptable depending on who you're talking to but we prefer jetted.  These are basically flap pockets without the flap.  They are created with a welted edge and when constructed properly they are hardly noticeable to the viewer.  This option is for more fashion forward suiting and more appealing to the natty dresser.

Patch Pocket - These pockets look just how they sound.  They are actually sewn onto the jacket instead of into the body. They can come rounded and/or squared and are reserved for casual sportcoats and blazers.  Can come with or without a flap.


Breast Pocket - Can either be present or not on the left chest.  Meant for holding a pocket square, handkerchief, gloves, glasses, bandanna or anything else of the imagination.  In our opinion should rarely be empty. Can come with or without a flap.

Ticket Pocket - Originally intended to hold theatre, sporting or travel tickets, these pockets can come with a flap or be besom/jetted are found above the normal pocket and are half the size. Today they have become more of a fashion statement than a useful tool.

Bellows Pocket - Another casual option.  A patch-style pocket with three side pieces that permit the pocket to expand.  These side pieces give the impression of old English fire-lighting bellows.  Most commonly found on safari jackets (also called a safari pocket) and other outerwear for maximum loading and storage. Can come with or without a flap.

Pen Pocket - The smallest of the inside jacket pockets.  Meant for holding what every man should have in his possession--a quality writing utensil.

Cell Phone Pocket - The mid size pocket most often found on the inside, left bottom of the jacket.  Created for holding your cellphone and or any other similarly sized equipment.

Change Pocket - The smallest of all pockets.  Most often located on the inside of the right outside pocket.  A pocket within a pocket, it is created to hold a small amount of change.

Hacking Pocket -  As seen in the photo above (ticket pocket) hacking pockets are sewn on a slant.  These English bred pockets were invented for ease of use during horse back riding.  The slanted pocket led to easier access.  Originally an old-school lassic toda y these are normally worn on sport coats by the more fashion conscious man.  Good for visually increasing length and height while adding visual texture. Now that we are aware of our pocket options, the question is why do they come sewn shut.  In men's suiting the goal is to create a slim, smooth, sleek line from head to toe.  If one deviates from this then he runs the risk of adding weight to his frame and ultimately breaking the line of symmetry.  The easiest way to break this line is to stuff and fill your pockets with phones, keys and other contraband.  In order to keep this from happening manufacturers of high quality clothing will sew the pockets shut.  This also has a military association as it its rare to find a formal military uniform with pockets and if they're present they're rarely used since a military man needs his hands readily available for battle. So again the pockets come sewn shut.

Although they are sewn shut they can easily be opened with a seam ripper.  In our opinion the pockets should be opened and used wisely.  After all style is about fashion AND function.  Why have pockets of you can't use them.  However, they should be used wisely.  Use the cell phone pocket and it won't destroy the line or lining of your suit.  Use the breast pocket to spice up an other wise drab ensemble.  Use the change pocket instead of jingling around pennies in your pants pocket.  Utilize your pockets to their full potential, just don't walk around with your hands stuffed in them.

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