There are names in the canon of “style icons” that menswear aficionados laud over. The usual suspects like McQueen, Clooney, Davis,  NewmanPrince Charles, and others. 

Today we’d like to add a name to that list; Inspector Closeau, played by Mr. Peter Sellers; the utterly incompetent police detective who stars opposite the Pink Panther. While the aforementioned men are standard bearers, there are others whom we feel deserve the same level of sartorial respect but are left out of popular discussion only because their careers or exploits may have been less documented. Inspector Closeau is one of these men.

Although fictional and rather inept at daily functioning, his wardrobe staples of trench coat, Tweed crusher hat, and leather gloves gave his character a sense of impermeability against maybe the worst of all elements; himself. However, this is only one side of Inspector Closeau. The version played by Mr. Steve Martin displays the Inspector in a decidedly different type of uniform. A police uniform that is.

While unimaginative and repetitive both uniforms may be, the looks create a steadfast foundation which admirers (and the peanut gallery) can admire if not solely for their functionality, at least for their reliability.