In today's world it seems there is a fashion week for every major--and some not so major--city on the planet. Yes, DC has it's own fashion week. No it does not rival the big four (NYC, Paris, London, Milan), but it gives local designers and fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy their work and connect with others who share their passion.

Indie Fashion Week is a newcomer to the fashion calendar for DC. Focused on highlighting new and emerging designers this platform will be focused on helping locals build their career instead of highlighting those who who have already established their presence. Indie Fashion Week will take place the first week of March with several events including runway shows, style competitions and discussion panels. I have the honor of sitting on the Indie to Mainstream; The Art of Styling panel and to sit as a judge for the StyleISH competition which pits local stylists against each other for the best ensemble coordination. Learn more about Indie Fashion Week below. See you there.

What ~ Art of Styling Panel; Indie to Mainstream Education Series; DC Fashion Week

When ~ Panel 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm; networking mixer 6:15 pm – 7 pm

Where ~ Aveda Hair Institute, 713 7th Street, 2nd Floor Interior Entrance, Washington, DC

Who ~ Moderator Eugene Simms

Monica Barnett, Blueprint for Style
George Worrell, George Worrell Style

Discussion ~ 1 hour with 45 minutes of moderated questions and 15 minutes for Q&A 

1.      How to become a fashion stylist

2.     Different opportunities available to current and upcoming fashion stylists

3.      Types of fashion styling to specialize in and daily tasks/duties

4.      The average salary for a fashion stylist

5.      Misconceptions about the business of styling, and lessons learned