We recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal Off Duty team on pajamas, a menswear topic that regularly gets "slept on". Pajamas (also sleepwear or loungewear) is nothing new. What is new, is the prevalence of pajamas in the market and being worn in everyday life. Why not be comfortable and confident at the same time? Read more of our conversation below and the full article HERE.

Excerpt ~ 'Still, pajamas in the modern world aren’t entirely a private, nighttime affair. Made of fine, woven fabric and featuring both buttons and a collar, they have a baseline formality that’s much higher than what most American men wear during the day. Factor in pajamas’ comfort, and it’s perhaps no surprise they’re now used for more than sleeping.

Take Grant Harris, 31, a Washington, D.C.-based menswear consultant, who owns pairs from Hanro, Zimmerli, Schiesser and Derek Rose. Instead of sleeping in them, he dons them while he works from home. (He goes to bed in the altogether.) Should he have a surprise visitor, Mr. Harris explained, the pajamas save him from embarrassment. “I can be appropriate even though I’m in a relaxed environment,” he said.'

Full Article ~ http://www.wsj.com/articles/do-men-really-wear-pajamas-to-bed-1439405369