We recently spoke with The Cheat Sheet on the importance of maintaining healthy hands and nails. If you can shine your shoes, press your suit, and hang your tie, then you can clean, trim, and buff your nails. Here is an excerpt from the post including our thoughts on the subject. 

"If you think getting a manicure is only for women, you’re wrong. Men need to have their hands properly cared for just as much as the ladies. We’re not talking about gel manicures and French tips; just a neat, trim appearance. Proper nail and hand care is essential in order to achieve a polished look. Whether they say it or not, people do notice your hands, so it’s important to make sure they are always presentable. A trip to the nail salon could not only alert you to underlying health issues that may be brewing but also prompt you to put an end to pesky habits."

"'Grooming extends past the face and shaving all the way to head-to-toe maintenance. Depending on the industry a man is in, his hands may be on display and a well-kept appearance may make or break deals that lead to long-lasting personal and business relationships. For men who are not in an industry where their hands are on display, it is still important to care for your skin and nails as they are indicators of overall health in attracting a mate and overall bodily health,'"

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