Selectism, the Berlin based online news source for fashion, shoes, design and culture site recently partnered with Shinola; Detroit's watchmaker for a cross country tour of america's favorite cities and the stylish figures who inhabit them. Selectism selected us (no pun intended) and DC to be the focus of their first feature in an on-going video series. It's a blessing to be able to partner with these two brands and represent DC in a interactive visual and audio format.

The video was shot on site in DC at a few of my favorite hangouts, retailers, and eateries. The business featured were not paid to participate. These places have played a role my personal life where I've hung out with friends, spent my own money, and have recommended to tourists and travelers moving through DC. Follow the journey as we brewed a cup of tea at Bistro Bohem, checked out vintage wares at GoodWoodJunction, and Crossroads Trading, took in the view at Meridian Hill, and grabbed a bite at Busboys and Poets all while discussing the dichotomy of "DC" versus "Washington" and the evolution of style in the District.

Please enjoy the teaser and full feature below and spread the love. #lovemycity