Granted Endorsement: Jack Black Skincare Products

It’s time for another Granted Endorsement.  Today we are endorsing Jack Black skincare products.  The majority of men may view grooming as a chore and something best left to the ladies, but keeping yourself groomed is as important as keeping your clothes clean.  Jack Black is made for the manly man and the dandy.  Their products are easy to use, made with organic and natural ingredients so they won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin; and they make you smell good which is always a plus.  I’ve personally used several of their products and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a shipment from Jackson & Connor on its way.  Here is what I ordered.

Beard Lube-  No pre-shave oils needed.  Just splash on some water and lather up in a thin layer of this gel and your shave will be nice and smooth.

Beard Lube

Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser- Wash your face everyday.  Twice a day.  Morning and night.  Use this stuff to do it.

Face Buff- Just like snakes you need to shed your old skin every once in awhile.  Use this twice a week.

Industrial Strength Hand Healer- For guys who’s calluses are out of control.  No woman likes rough paws on her skin.  Soften them up with this.

Cool Moisture Body Lotion- Cool and fresh.  Use this all over your body. Anytime and anywhere.

All Day Oil-Control Lotion- Lotion for your face.  Rub this on and keep the shine off your forehead..

Post Shave Cooling Gel- Repair, refresh and protect your skin after you shave with this cooling gel.

Post Shave Gel

All Over Body Wash- Use it every time you shower. It should last awhile since you don’t need to shower everyday.  The hot water dries out your skin.

Signature Sliver Mark Eau De Parfum- A cool, clean, light fragrance perfect for Spring/Summer.  Strong enough to make her swoon.  Soft enough not to overpower.  Hit your pulse points and you’ll smell great all day.

Silver Mark Eau De Parfum

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