Editorial Policy

Image Granted may receive monetary compensation for reviews of products shown on our site.   If we do receive products free of charge in order to review them, it is properly disclosed. We may also display paid advertisements on our site.  In the event that we recommend a product and/or service, and it is available from a trustworthy source, we may provide a link that may earn us a commission if you buy something from that source within a certain time frame.

Should a maker send a product sample, acceptance of the sample is not a commitment for coverage, nor that any coverage will be positive.  If you have further questions please see our advertising page or contact us directly at corporate@imagegranted.com.

Image Granted credits the sources of our information and/or photos to the best of our ability.  If you feel that a source and/or photo has been used without proper citation please contact us at corporate@imagegranted.com immediately.

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