Video | Imperial Black “Sartorial Spring” ~ Cortina

Last week we introduced you to our “Sartorial Spring” journey with Imperial Black in the first scene of a three-part video series. Founded on the principles of  dressing and travelling well, Imperial Black offers men a piece of their personal experience with each product offering.  In an effort to continue the philosophy of “sartorial travel”, we present the second scene in our series, “Sartorial Spring”Cortina. Learn more about Cortina, Italy below and stay tuned next week for scene three.

Event | Bloomberg Businessweek ~ “What I Wear to Work”

We recently had a chance to speak with Ms. Arianne Cohen of Bloomberg Businessweek  in the weekly series “What I Wear to Work”, which highlights entrepreneurs and other business minded individuals giving an inside look at their personal wardrobe.  It’s a blessing to be able to share my personal style with the Bloomberg audience. While I have strong opinions of how men should and shouldn’t present themselves, I always recommend men make their own personal choices, applying rules when necessary and breaking them elsewhere.

See the full interview below and HERE.  Print copies will be available on news stands this Thursday 4/10.

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Style Advice | Polo ~ How to Ad(dress) It




Commonly referred to as the “sport of kings”, polo originated in India in the 6th century BC.  Initially played by maharajas, princes, sultans and other royalty; the equestrian sport has since become Anglicised and today is an international sport no longer relegated to kings, but is still a preferred athletic pursuit for international luminaries.  Here, we offer a few ways to dress for a proper chukka–or quarter as more commonly understood in Western sport.

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Video | Imperial Black “Sartorial Spring” Preview

“Sartorial travel.”  Two words that when combined create one way of living.  Being dressed well and travelling the world simultaneously.  We have to agree with our counterparts at Mr. Porter that men have the duty and responsibility of both in life.  Travelling the world and experiencing other cultures, other lands, other customs, and yes, other styles  is one of the best ways for a man to uncover and discover his sartorial heritage or begin a new sartorial journey.  Some men live by these principles. Some businesses operate by them.  Imperial Black embodies both.

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