Style Advice | Polo ~ How to Ad(dress) It




Commonly referred to as the “sport of kings”, polo originated in India in the 6th century BC.  Initially played by maharajas, princes, sultans and other royalty; the equestrian sport has since become Anglicised and today is an international sport no longer relegated to kings, but is still a preferred athletic pursuit for international luminaries.  Here, we offer a few ways to dress for a proper chukka–or quarter as more commonly understood in Western sport.

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Event | The Black Man Can Institute

The Black Man Can Institute will continue its cross country tour with a stop in Washington DC on Feb 22 at American University.  We’re proud to be a guest speaker at this event hosted by Mr. Brandon Frame founder of the Black Man Can.

Founded in April 2010 The Black Man Can offers a positive contradiction to the prevailing negative images of black men. The Black Man Can helps eradicate stereotypes, fight mindsets, and create a balanced mold by reinforcing the positive black male image. The institute is one day interactive series of workshops focused uplifting, empowering, and inspiring young men of color.

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Video | Ningbo International Fashion Fair

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China.  Emperors. Communism.  Luxury.  Fashion.  Emperors may not rule China any more, but we had the chance to witness the focus on fashion at the 17th Ningbo International Fashion Fair in October.  We spent the week working hand in hand with an international delegation from China, UK, India, Amsterdam, Lithuania, Australia and Hong Kong.  The fair focused on the intersection of the UK and Chinese garment production and manufacturing at the bespoke level.  Building relationships with the Chinese takes time and patience, but the reward is well worth the wait.

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Video | “Celebrate Giving” Short Film by Baume & Mercier

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier recently released a 2013 Christmas and holiday marketing video entitled “Celebrate Giving”.   We are fans of Baume & Mercier and their level of sophistication, and craftsmanship and hospitality.  The video, the first of its kind for the brand, displays the story of family and children coming together for the holidays, sharing old memories and creating new ones.  the gift giving culminates in the sharing of a his and her Baume & Mercier watches given from parent to child.  We must admit, this type of holiday may be a bit too unfamiliar for some to grasp, while others may recognize this as a comforting scene.

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Event | Fit, Fabric, Function with Bonobos

We will be hosting a series of  three menswear shopping events this Fall with the fine folks at Bonobos Georgetown, DC.  During these events will be discussing a few of our favorite things: fit, fabric, and function.

We will be introducing not only the latest offerings from Bonobos, but how they fit your body and lifestyle.  There will be ample time to shop, mix and mingle, and take advantage of the new (or old) knowledge acquired.

The first of three events will be held Tues, Nov 26 from 5-7PM in DC.  Space is limited to 20 guests.  RSVP to See you there.

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