Sponsored posts are a fantatic opportunity for Image Granted and your company to quickley collaborate and strategically reach audiences.  Before submitting your brand for a sponsors post please keep in mind the following:

• Is it a brand the Image Granted readers and clients would relate to?  Unfortunatley, Image Granted will not work with brands that don't meet niche critera... pretty simple.   It's never a good idea to try and promote a brand that I don't believe in, it's not fair to anyone, but hey, the upside is there is alot of awesome brands out there, popular and up-and-coming that I would strongly consider, and your brand may be one of them, so my email is always open!

• Does it fit Image Granted content? Yes, I love and am throughly entertained by a lot of things in this world, however, Image Granted only has a platform for a choice few, i.e. menswear, mens accessories, and ofcourse fashionable LIFEstyle.  So, yes to suits and sock and cigars and Saville Row, but it's probably going to be a thumbs down to mini-vans and vegan sandwhich spreads, sorry.  

• Does the Image Granted niche actually want what your brand is offering? Again, though I do enjoy many things, I am very narrow about the type of sponsored content Image Granted offers. There is a short list of features a brand can get within our posts for a firm *price. Often times there are requests to write features on products Image Granted  just doesn't and won’t offer.

*all pricing is negotiable

If you would like to submit a product/collection for review or simply wish to have your brand featured on the Image Granted blog please submit your information (including Name of Company, Speciality, 3 to 4 Hi-Res photographs of your products and Contact info.) to corporate@imagegranted.com.  Blog reviews are written in no less than 300 words, including a picture and featuring up to three (3) quality links back to your site.

*Please note: Image Granted does not guarantee positive reviews, nor are all submissions guaranteed for placement.


To be featured as a Sponsored Competition on the Image Granted blog, please provide the following information:

  • Prize Value
  • Draw Date
  • Terms and Conditions
  • 3 to 4 (choice) Hi-Res Images

Copy of approx 300 words with follow links will then be hosted on the Image Granted blog as well as all associated social media.

*Please note: Submission of competitions for Image Granted does not guarantee placement.

Image Granted is always on the look out for well atuned collaborations with brands in various ways on special projects including brand ambassadorship, brand content and/or media writing, clothing design consultation or sample testing.