Black History Month | Dressing for The Life You Want

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Leah Morrigan of In The Key of He, a blog about the masculine condition.  Leah is the first female image consultant for men in the country of Canada and is widely respected for her opinions and expertise.   You can learn more about Leah HERE.  For Leah’s Black History Month series we spoke about the role and focus of hip-hop on today’s African-American male culture and how it affects their personal presentation.

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Menswear Dialogue Series | Bespoke HQ

Our Menswear Dialogue Series continues this week  in a discussion with Master Tailor Stephen Williams of Bespoke HQ.

Image Granted – What is your title/profession/trade?  How did you get into this business and why?

Stephen Williams - My trade is Master Tailor for my tailoring house, Bespoke HQ. My family were in the wool and fabric trade, and I was involved in the family business from an early age so have always had a passion for materials. I left the family business to work for Joseph Hepworth & Sons where they trained me as a tailor, before moving to a Portuguese garment manufacturers to work as a designer. From there I was headhunted by Giorgio Armani, and it all took off from there!

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Event | J. FitzPatrick London Launch

Our friend and colleague Justin FitzPatrick of The Shoe Snob is set to launch his first gentlemen’s footwear collection, J. FitzPatrick in March at Gieves & Hawkes No. 1 Savile Row.  It’s been a lot of hard work and effort put in by Justin over the years and certainly the last few months.  We’re proud of Justin’s work and highly recommend his products.  The party should be a fun one.

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Style Q&A | Affordable Raw or Selvedge Jeans

In our latest Q&A for Primer Magazine we discuss the “affordable” raw and selvedge denim options currently on the market.

I’m a big fan of Imogene + Willie’s jeans, especially the classic Willie Rigid. While I’d love to support a local business (I’m in Nashville) and I don’t doubt their quality, the price at $250 is holding me back a bit. Do you have any recommendations for something similar that won’t set me back so much? – Brad B.

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Introducing | LeatherFoot

LeatherFoot is a new Canadian footwear vendor operated by Ideyi Chuku.  Founded in 2012 and opening for business next month, LeatherFoot will carry some of the finest men’s shoes and accessories available on the market.  Offerings include those from Gaziano & Girling, Corthay, Saint-Crispin’s, Alfred Sargent, and Carmina.  To our knowledge there is no other retailer in Canada that can match this selection.

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